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  • WILL ALL OF YOU QUIT CRYING!!!  Football's a great game--it is also a business.  This is America at work.  As a Pennsylvania guy, I pull for the players--union... these fellows are on the field.  They deserve as much as they can get... and hey...the fat cats who got teams from daddy, family, dead husbands and in some cases... golden parachute money... they will make MILLIONS no matter how it goes.  So sit down, shut up--if you don't want to watch the game... hey, plenty others do--and count me among them. Football is the greatest game on the planet. The roughest.  Short careers in many cases, life-long injuries.  HANG IN THERE, PLAYERS... GET A GOOD DEAL FOR YOURSELVES AND FUTURE ATHLETES.  YOU DESERVE IT.   God-Given talent and hard work--hell, yeah.  You ARE special.  GET PAID!!!

7-1-11HARLAN ELLISON: " the writer!"

6-26-11 IM5688
We are the greatest, most powerful country in the world. Still, after all these years, we can't stop the Mafia, the KKK, illegal immigrants, drug traffiking, militias, gang wars, etc etc. We can't seem to get a government that does things right, yet they raise our taxes, give us less, raise their own salaries, and play the working people for fools. Our legal and judicial system is a joke. We have criminals on death row for years and criminals awaiting trial for years also. WAKE UP AMERICANS - WE NEED TO TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK.