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Are you paying close attention to the distraction of Romney/Perry/Cain/Obama political puppet drama while those who have control of ALL the strings play their control-and-manipulate the masses games? 11-12-11

Even without random drug-testing and allowing Pacquiao possible use of his alleged steroid concoction, Floyd Mayweather would probably beat Pacquiao.  However,  it would be foolish for Mayweather to take the fight without the random drug-testing stipulation.  Mayweather already fought and beat Marquez by unanimous decision (120-107, 119-108, 118-109).  Mayweather convincingly beat a fighter(Marquez) who tonight--by many accounts--beat Pacquiao (again).  Mayweather would handily defeat Pacquiao--especially if it was certain that no steroids were involved.  Inside the fight game it is said to be common belief that Pac uses. 11-12-11

...feels like an odd deal we were manipulated into the first time around--but--here goes... should we re-elect Obama because he and his backers (puppeteers) might finally get around to doing something for the average person in the next four years after cleverly and sneakily doing everything for themselves in the first term?  Lotta behind the scenes moving of money and power. But, alas, feels like they've stolen and consolidated enough to keep them rich and in comfortable elitism for the foreseeable future. Would electing the other side be starting all over again in the same game with new manipulators; their chance to get theirs at the expense of the "manipulated masses". Then again, they ARE two sides of the same coin and in many instances the same "manipulators" show up on heads AND tails.  Is the best we can hope for is that the "manipulating class" throw us a bone here and there between playing us for all they can get?  Hell--no wonder so many do not even bother to vote. 2-9-12